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Rug, nek en schoudermassage
Balinese massage
Nerve touch massage

Massage is the simplest form of happines

Therapeutic massages


Back, neck and shoulder massage

A massage of back, neck and shoulders with therapeutic approach through the use of pressure points. Relieves old tensions and emotions, relaxes muscles, activates blood circulation and stimulates the removal of toxins

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Balinese massage

Balinese massages work in a gentle way on both muscles and acupressure points. This gives this massage both a relaxing and therapeutic effect.

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Nerve touch massage

Nerve-touch massage is a combination of old techniques from acupressure and Thai massage. This helps with acute and chronic complaints on a physical, energetic and mental level. It is a massage that also helps prevent specific complaints and general immunity.

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Price list

30 min € 35
60 min € 60
60 min € 60

For massage on the move, transportation costs are charged depending on the distance. If parking has to be paid, this is also charged.
Payments can be made in cash or via the bancontact app
If you cancel more than 24 hours in advance of your appointment, no compensation will be charged. If this is less than 24 hours in advance, 50% of the massage price will be charged.

About Serenity

Serenity stands for finding peace in a hectic society where more and more is expected of us.

I myself experienced at a young age how much pressure there is on our shoulders when it comes to making choices for the future. Which field of study do you choose, which job are you going for and how do we plan our increasingly busy lives?

After following Applied Pyschology for a few years, but not finding my way, I went on searching. That is how I came across horse shiatsu, a pressure point massage suitable for various ailments. Whenever I had to take a break, I went traveling to get to know new insights, mentalities and societies. For example, I noticed that despite the bustle around them, people in Asian countries had better control of their inner calm. In Eastern medicine, they go to a therapist or doctor to prevent illness, stress and tensions. And I hope to be able to bring this mentality to Belgium.

My interest was aroused and in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I took a Nerve-touch massage course. The techniques of Thai massage were combined with pressure points from the shiatsu.

After returning home I noticed rapid results from these techniques. My mother noticed an improvement in her fibromyalgia pains, acquaintances with back complaints clearly felt a reduction in symptoms and others felt more energetic the next day.

My interest and passion for massage and natural healing was sparked. Natural medicine came on my path when I came in contact with a 3-year natural medicine study in the Netherlands. After gaining a lot of knowledge about naturopathy and myself during this training, I left for Indonesia and was fascinated by Balinese massage art. This massage appealed to me through the use of pressure points and the milder approach than the one I was used to in the nerve-touch massage.

By offering both massages, I believe I have found a good combination in terms of therapeutic massages

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